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Assistech provides the most reliable, quality customer service, to meet all your support requirements.


Quality Team of Employees

Assistech is committed to giving the best customer service available on the internet.

Anytime, Anyplace.

The Assistech team is available 24/7 to assist you with any of your problems. We take pride in the fact that while we cover hundreds of websites, you never feel neglected.

Staff Who Know What They’re Doing

Our highly knowledgeable, rigorously trained team make it simple to resolve any issues that you may have with your service, as well as answer any questions that you may have.

Refund Promise

If during your first month of service you are unhappy, we will refund your purchase to the credit card used at the time of payment. Satisfaction guaranteed.


I thought I was only on a trial membership but why am I being charged monthly?

While we are pleased to offer trial memberships, these memberships are transferred to monthly memberships once the trial period has passed. In order to avoid this you need to cancel within the trial period deadlines. Additionally, you may notice a pre-authorization charge on your credit card statement. This charge will be credited to your account if the membership is canceled within the trial timeframe. The pre-authorization management is officiated through your financial institution. If you have any question about pre-authorization charges, you can contact your financial institution directly.

My password isn’t working and I don’t know why. Can someone help?

This could be happening for a couple of reasons. First of all, our passwords and usernames are all case sensitive. They must be entered exactly as they were during registration. Please confirm you do not accidentally have caps lock enabled. Secondly, you may have accessed the login portal through a broken or static link. Try entering the login address directing into the address portal and logging in from this page. And lastly, if you are still having issues logging in, you can try deleting some files in your internet browsing history. Locate the tools section of your browser, and access the history files. Files such as cookies, Temporary Internet Files, and history pages can be interrupting with a proper login. Delete these individually or all at once and try refreshing your browser. This may help you with a smoother and uninterrupted log in process.

Videos won’t play on my computer or they load really slow. Why is this?

Videos can take a long time to load or buffer on your computer for a number of reasons. The most common reason is because of internet speed. If your videos are taking a long time to buffer, please make sure you are using a fast internet connection such as DSL or cable. Speak to your internet service provider if you need this information. If you can not see videos on your screen or there is a blank or black space where they should be, this is likely due to updates needed for your computer video playing software. Try updating your computer and see if this helps your video resolution.

What happens if I want to cancel my subscription?

That’s absolutely ok! Simply phone one of our customer service operators: 24/7 Live Chat, phone: +1 855 643 2670 +44 808 169 7265, or by email: [email protected].

Do I have to be a monthly member?

All of our memberships are on a month to month basis in order to keep your service active for all your customer support needs. Charges continue on the month to month basis unless cancelled through our customer service operator.

I don’t know my password. Can I call someone to help me?

Of course you can! Our staff is on hand for reasons just like this. Call us at +1 855 643 2670 +44 808 169 7265 and speak to an operator or fill out an email form on the home page and we will help you out.

What is the purpose of the Customer Support Center?

The goal of the Customer Support Center is to provide customer service to the subscribers of over hundreds of websites. We are open Monday to Sunday, 6am to 6pm PST and are highly trained to handle all your customer service needs. From billing inquires to technical support, the Customer Support Center is operated as a service team to meet all your needs, big or small.


You would have received a confirmation email with the details of your purchase. If you can not locate that confirmation email, pleases contact us via 24/7 Live Chat, phone: +1 855 643 2670 +44 808 169 7265, or by email: [email protected].


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